About the Artist

Currently I live on a small walnut acreage and feel connected to earth and surroundings. I began painting well over a decade ago, and my love of it grew from there. It's always important to continue to evolve as an artist although as happens for all of us, time is a precious commodity and sometimes life and its pitfalls overtake you. Then you have to make art a priority and keep it there for a lifetime.

Each painting experience has something to teach, and that's how I learn the most. Best not to put your moments off. Once they're past, they're gone forever. And don't forget to be grateful and to share.

My degrees are in cultural anthropology with minors in music and languages, wildlife biology, and graduate work in ethnomusicology. I tend to see ecosystems, because that's how nature works. Chicken society is part of the "The Secret Lives of Chickens or Tales from the Chickenyard and Beyond". "Reflections: A Modest Collection of Short Stories" is the most recent book.

My dad's book, that he wrote when in his late 80's, is "Second Age: A Recall of Things Gone By and a Bit of Now". He'd wanted to see it formatted and published, and it was an honor to do that for him.

This planet has so much beauty and intelligence, the scale is infinite and inspiration is a given. Every experience and every painting become teachers but most of all, they underscore the importance of humility.

P.O. Box 397, Upper Lake, CA 95485, USA 707.275.0817