Second Age

When my dad was in his 80's, he began to write about travel and experiences he'd had as a young man. He said that as he wrote, he'd pace, because he was re-living that part of his life all over again. He saw places and felt how they were. He experienced feelings of love, happiness, fear, he experienced smells and tastes all over again, and he felt sunlight, storms, cold and damp. He was astonished that he could so fully re-experience what he had lived so many years before. His book is written in a warm and personal manner. It evokes a time of simpler living and firm values. He'd toyed with the idea of having his book published but was not in good health and it didn't happen during his lifetime. It became my privilege to do that for him in the years after his death.

You can purchase Second Age at Amazon and Kindle. Or you can order it at your favorite bookstore. It is also available at Barnes and Noble, and ebooks are at Nook, Kobo, and at Apple Books in memoirs. You can read more about Second Age at Google Books. You can also read a few excerpts by following the link below.

Here are links to websites for the Mississippi River and other places in Second Age.

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