Art and Nature

       Stories in Reflections point out tension and dissonance in our everyday lives. They suggest ways of seeing what we might not normally notice. Maybe we should pay more attention.

       They are fiction and although they are for fun, it never hurts to be vigilant of our surroundings and to notice the small, keen details that are a part of existence but that can feel like apprehensive undercurrents with threats that are real.

       Some of the stories are science fiction, some are about the cyclical aspect of Nature, some are about people and personalities, and some are about what seem to be normal parts of daily life that nevertheless can take sudden sharp turns when we least expect it.

       The stories are generally unobtrusive and unpretentious, but a few can be a little startling at times. They are clearly or subtly ecosystemic in approach, linking them, even though they might not seem similar in any other way. Again, it’s about what we don’t automatically see.

       Sometimes we miss the incredible beauty that is everywhere, or the unusual presences, or the unnoticed out-of-balance emotions —  the complexities that are interwoven prisms everywhere we look if only we actually take the time to see them. More is usually happening around us than we might think, but we have our own responsibilities that require our attention and that usurp time for contemplation.

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