Art and Nature

     Chickens are fascinating, cunning, and clever. They figure things out, and they manipulate.

     The Secret Lives of Chickens pulls us into a time and place that seem simpler but actually are not, because of the feathered inhabitants within.
     This book is about how chickens might view and take on their environment, as seen from the outside.
     They have their own culture that is more complex than we assume. They are stalwart little feathered beings that live with equanimity in the world around them, following the time-honored rules of the flock, day in and day out, in a generally pleasant and peaceful frame of mind. They are a force of nature, complete unto themselves.
      These are tales that happened over many years’ time, but with chickens, it seems there is always more to learn.
      At some point in time, each and every life is deeply touched by something or someone special. It doesn’t matter who or what it is, because the soul recognizes and responds to what is honest and true, to a bright sunflower, to endless, soothing ocean waves, and to the soft cooing of contented chickens.

      From the Epilogue on page 142: "The whole original chicken experience was so full of color for the senses that it was a living kaleidoscope. It was as awe-inspiring as a clear night sky full of stars and northern lights. It also covered the entire range of possible emotions, at all levels. That continues on."

      From the author: Writing this book was truly inspiring. Knowing the various chickens was and still is a delightful experience, but you have to add the word humbling.

     "Author Sunny Franson raised chickens in her backyard for years, and treasured them as intelligent pets and companions (as well as a source of nutritious eggs). The Secret Lives of Chickens or Tales from the Chickenyard and Beyond collects anecdotes of the many quirks and unique personalities of the chickens she cared for, from a proud, even-tempered rooster named Sarge to the proud Rhode Island Red hens, to the gentle Silkie chickens and more. Full-color photographs intersperse this heartfelt testimony. Those wishing to raise backyard chickens themselves may find occasional useful tips, tricks, and techniques, but The Secret Lives of Chickens is primarily a glimpse into how chickens must see the world, not a how-to manual. "The first time that we knew [the chickens] had found the puppy food, they'd managed to overturn the bag and had dumped it everywhere, eating themselves nearly sick... When they came back for more, we chased them away and figured that they had learned that they couldn't invade the puppy's food supply. We were so incredibly naive." Anyone who has ever owned or cared for backyard chickens will find The Secret Lives of Chickens especially insightful. Highly recommended."
       Midwest Book Review, March 2013, on the Pets/Wildlife Shelf

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